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Master Data Management

Marketing data, purchase records, customer service logs, trouble tickets… your critical data repositories can be problematic if not uniformly standardized, managed and maintained. Clarity helps you to master your data to support business planning, and drive product strategy, marketing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Our proven MDM Methodology is based on best practices leveraged across thousands of implementations in all facets of information management. We begin by understanding your vision and business goals; then we compare your present master data situation to best-in-class solutions in your industry so we can document risks and recommendations. Finally, we map the strategy and implementation plan so can you realize full value from your investment.

Customer Data Integration

Who’s the head of the household? Which party is the cardholder? How many active credit cards are on file? When different internal entities input and utilize customer data for different purposes on different systems, data integration can be a nightmare. Your people can’t share data if it’s inconsistent or incompatible.

We’re experts in data integration. We’ll develop the overarching rules to cleanse, aggregate and standardize customer data from every source to give you a single, comprehensive view of your customers.

Data Governance

Clarity helps structure a framework for Data Governance customized to the needs of your organization. We work with your key stakeholders to benchmark the current governance maturity level of your data environment, inventory current assets and identify performance metrics. Then we create a Data Governance and Stewardship roadmap, data quality management processes and process maps based on best practices.  And we help you establish a Data Governance body, defining roles and responsibilities to create a sustainable organizational culture of data governance.

Clarity’s approach delivers the execution framework and roadmap for effective data governance, and the tools to identify and quantify return on investment.

Meta Data Management

As part of Master Data Management, we can assist with master definition and management including classification, metadata, and glossaries so you can store and access diverse media information including URLs, images and video. We utilize automated tools to discover the semantics and data elements for structured and unstructured data, and create maps between the elements for future analysis.